Boat Storage

When you invest money in a boat you want to be sure you have a good place to store it. Storing your boat correctly and safety can make a huge difference in the life of the boat and how well it runs. If you’re looking for boat storage options in the Dandenong area, Get Smart Self Storage can help you. We offer quality services and affordable prices.

At Get Smart Self Storage we offer boat storage options for many types of vessels. Whether you own a fishing boat or a pontoon we have the space to store your boat when it’s not being used. If you need long term storage in the off season or just don’t have the space at your home to store your boat we can provide a safe place to keep your boat. Storing your boat off the water when it’s not in use is essential to keeping it running for many years to come. With our dry storage area you can be assured that your boat is not experiencing the effects of sitting in the water unattended for long periods of time.

Boat storage rates begin at $18 per month. If you pay for 12 months up front you receive 10% off. Pay for 6 months up front and receive 5% off. We have 24 hour surveillance throughout the property to ensure that your boat is safe when being stored.

If you’re looking for affordable boat storage in Dandenong and the surrounding suburbs call us at 0419 327 523. We have space for boats of many different sizes. Our boat storage areas allow you to keep your boat secure and safe from damage when not in use. Store your boat the right way so you can be sure it’s ready for use when you need it.


Our service Area includes:
Lyndhurst     Dandenong     South Eastern Suburbs

Chelsea      Keysborough     Dingley